Posting Interested on a Job Advert – Why not to do this

So have you been posting interested on a job advert? DONT !

1. Over the years, recruiters have learned more often than not, most candidates who post INTERESTED, do not have any relevant skills for the job.

SO, be proactive, if you have the relevant qualifications for the role posted, use the contact detail in the advert and send a full CV/Resume and a covering letter, get the recruiters attention.

Do yourself a favour and get noticed for the right reasons. There is nothing better than a candidate who has read the Job Description and applied directly and provided the correct information.

2. Posting INTERESTED is lazy.

If you really are looking for a new role, take the time to write to the recruiter and provide a full relevant CV. Be proactive, apply to the email stated directly, make yourself known.

In addition, Your LinkedIn profile might not contain all the relevant requirements to the role posted, but your CV /Resume will. Be smart and make yourself stand out from the crowd.

When you email, bullet point where you meet the role requirements stated in the Job Advert and make sure in the Subject you detail the role title AND the location.

3. If you don’t have the skills and are posting INTERESTED to get noticed, DONT !

Over the years, it has amazed me the number of people who do this.

How can you fail to read the requirements posted in an advert? Therefore, it begs the question.. do you have the ability to read carefully? Do you have attention to detail? Are you qualified enough to read the advert?

Don’t waste your time posting on roles where you don’t meet the job description. You are better than that and it is a waste of your time.

Want more tips and tricks for writing your Curriculum Vitae /Resume writing. Please contact us or email Victoria Ricketts directly. Or follow us for up- to- date roles and information on Linkedin-Stafford Lawrence Ltd

Want more tips and tricks for your CV?  Please contact us or email Victoria Ricketts directly.