Stafford Lawrence Ltd- Construction and Engineering Recruitment Consultants supports Mental Health initiatives, specifically for professionals in the Construction and Engineering Industry.

This blog post provides more information about Mental Health in the Construction Industry and also promotes the work of Anita Lawless A qualified EMCC accredited Transformational Coach. Who has worked with us at Stafford Lawrence Ltd and who we can wholeheartedly recommend.

In an industry so full of risks, safety within the construction industry is key.  Heavy machinery, heights and toxic materials can all cause serious injury, but one of biggest risks to Construction and Engineering employees is poor mental health. Heavy workloads, long working hours, lack of routine, frequent travelling, separation from family, isolation, lack of job security and tight deadlines are just some of the issues which can contribute towards poor mental health (iHASCO More about Mental Health Problems in Construction).

Every single day in the UK, two construction workers take their own life (The Lighthouse Club- Construction Industry Charity Helpline).

If we want to turn horrendous statistics like this around, we need to change our game.

We urgently need to educate and empower people within the construction industry to look after their own mental health and they can only do this if they know how.

We need to give them the knowledge they need to make the best decisions for themselves, set their own action plans, and seek support where they feel it will benefit them most. As the old adage says ‘Prevention is better than cure’ meaning it is easier to stop something happening in the first place than to repair the damage after it has happened.


The mental health training programme for Construction professionals developed by Anita Lawless opens up a whole new way of thinking about, protecting and improving our mental health.  With lots of information that anyone can use to help themselves, and each other, without needing to engage in difficult conversations.

It also provides a foundation on which conversations can be developed, making it easier for employees struggling with Mental Health to get the support they need.

A qualified EMCC accredited Transformational Coach, a Three Principles Practitioner with a First Class Honours degree in Psychology and Counselling.

Anita has worked in commercial environments, in the challenging arenas of coaching, belief change, attitude change and behaviour change.

She has also worked in personal coaching settings, to help individuals through the intricacies of the difficulties life has dealt out to them.

Anita can support construction organisations, teams, leaders and employees at any level – wherever there is a desire to make changes for the better.

Her focus is first help you understand the major influences on human motivations and behaviours. Then, specifically to notice what relates to you and your world.

What you learn – and what you reveal to yourself – can put you in a far better place to make new and different decisions, which can lead you to significant improvements in your outlook and your life.

If you would like to learn more about Anitas mental health training programme, please visit Mental Health Training Programme – Mental Health Ecology | Reclaim your personal Mental Health Ecology for further information or contact Anita directly on her email Anita- for more detail of Mental Health Training Programmes

Let us work together to provide a better Mental Health understanding in the Construction and Engineering industry.